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Integrating Customized Video
in Workforce Training Programs

In today’s fast-evolving job market, skills are increasingly tailored for specific workforce training. Recognizing this trend, Workforce Strategy Group emphasizes the integration of customized video content as a crucial component in online learning. Our in-house multimedia and videography team is fully equipped to handle pre-production, production, and post-production, ensuring that your training programs are not just informative but also highly engaging and effective.


Leveraging Video for Maximum Impact

We collaborate with our partners to harness the power of video in enhancing online learning and training experiences. Our approach often involves integrating video in hybrid program designs. Skills-based videos are particularly effective in preparing learners for hands-on training sessions. By adopting an innovative "flipped classroom" style of learning, we use video to increase accessibility, standardize content delivery, and optimize training efficiency. This approach effectively reduces the need for extended in-person instruction time typically associated with workforce training programs.


Building eLearning Programs Around Video

To complement video-based learning, we construct eLearning programs that revolve around these videos. This method equips learners with essential knowledge and demonstrates procedures effectively. By weaving training videos into the fabric of eLearning programs, we enable our partners to expand their training capacity without the need to increase instructor count.


Professional Production Capabilities

Our full-fledged professional production studio is capable of filming in various settings - be it at our location, partner venues, industry sites, or out in the field. We utilize top-of-the-line cameras, lighting, and sound equipment, and our skilled directors ensure the production of high-quality training content. This professional approach to video production provides learners with the resources they need for immediate hands-on learning experiences.


Our Commitment to Quality

At Beyond Campus, we are dedicated to producing training videos that are not only instructional but also visually compelling and engaging. Our professional production standards ensure that learners receive the highest quality resources, facilitating a more effective and immersive learning experience. Whether it’s in a studio or on-site, our goal is to create content that brings real-life scenarios to the learner, preparing them for success in their respective fields.

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