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Expertise in Crafting
Workforce Programs

For over a decade, Workforce Strategy Group has been at the forefront of developing exceptional online training and workforce development programs. We commit to collaborating with partners to navigate and resolve complex workforce training challenges through innovative eLearning solutions.


Consulting and Strategy Expertise

At Beyond Campus, we provide comprehensive consulting and strategic project guidance. Our engagement with your team starts at the early stages of a project, leading in the initiation and conceptualization of program design. Our method is anchored in a robust five-component framework, crucial for designing successful workforce development programs:

  1. Program Design

  2. Partnerships Development

  3. Strategic Utilization of eLearning

  4. Creation of Stackable Pathways

  5. Development Speed and Efficiency


Through this framework, we ensure that every aspect of program design is meticulously catered to, guaranteeing the creation of thriving workforce development initiatives.


Methodical and Collaborative Design Process

Success in program design is not left to chance. Our process involves early collaboration with partners to establish the most effective path forward. We meticulously identify needs, outputs, costs, anticipated enrollments, ROI, timelines, and more, culminating in a comprehensive Workforce Strategy program charter that guides our design efforts.


Comprehensive Roadmap Development

Our roadmap of services offers a clear view into the intricacies of workforce program development. It includes long-term cost projections, platform usage recommendations, ROI calculations, and program risk analysis. Our experts work alongside you to determine program duration, optimal design practices, locations, and additional key elements, always focusing on stability and sustainability.


Program Analysis and Health Assessment

Our team is equipped to provide a thorough evaluation of your current state workforce programs. This includes a complete mathematically driven program and health report, risk and readiness assessment, and guidance on cultivating a sustainable and prosperous portfolio of programs.


Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Education

Understanding the dynamics between industry partners, learners, and educational institutions is key to our approach. We specialize in designing programs that are not just effective but also accessible to local learners, ensuring smooth transitions into the job market.


Partner in Workforce Development Design

Our team of dedicated experts stands ready to assist you in designing a thriving workforce development program. Our expertise is not just in creating programs but in designing and launching pathways that are sustainable, accessible, and aligned with the evolving needs of the job market. Let us be your guide in shaping the future of workforce training and development.

Collaborating at Work

Empowering Education for Tomorrow's Workforce

The Workforce Strategy Group is a team of  workforce experts, strategists, program designers, instructional designers, videographers, and project managers. We aim to collaborate with community colleges, technical colleges, K-12 schools, universities, and industry leaders to develop comprehensive workforce development programs.

Stand Up Meeting

Bridging the Skills Gap

Employers today face a significant challenge: filling job openings with skilled professionals. To address this, there's a growing reliance on educational institutions to adapt their models, fostering "earn as you learn" workforce programs. These initiatives are crucial for training and upskilling workers, providing them with swift access to the job market. Our focus extends to advancing careers and enhancing skills through stackable certifications, credentials, and degrees.


Navigating New Educational Frontiers

Many educational institutions are unprepared for the rising demand for tailored workforce programs. This is where Workforce Strategy Group steps in - to bolster your training capabilities.

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