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Let Us Help You Create
the Perfect Program
to Meet the Demands of
Modern Workforce Training

Our goal is to enhance your educational offerings, increase enrollments, and navigate the future of workforce development with confidence and expertise. By choosing Workforce Strategy Group as your program design partner, you can build a future that meets the evolving needs of both industry and learners.

We specialize in crafting eLearning programs that effectively meet the needs of local partners and the workforce. Our expertise lies in executing workforce pathway visions with precision and care. Our focus is on developing training solutions that benefit learners, industry partners, and educational institutions alike. We ensure that our development process is finely tuned to the specific training needs of any industry, delivering programs that are not only relevant and effective but also tailored to specific career paths.


Our Three-Phase Development Timeline

We have established a structured, three-phase development process, meticulously designed to deliver innovative workforce training solutions.

Phase 1: Program Initiation and Content Identification

Our process begins by identifying the essential knowledge and skills required for targeted career training. Leveraging our team of over 200 content experts, we create comprehensive Course Design Documents (CDDs). These documents form the backbone of our programs, detailing content, delivery methods (such as video, animation, interactive eLearning), and the visual and auditory elements (including graphics, voiceovers, sound overlays). Each CDD is subject to thorough approval by our partners to ensure perfect alignment with training goals.


Phase 2: eLearning Development

In this critical phase, we transform CDDs into dynamic and engaging learning experiences. Our design team collaborates closely with partners to create a training template that mirrors your brand and style standards, ensuring a learning experience that truly represents your institution. We dive deep into the development process, creating an eLearning experience tailored to your expectations. Following the development of each eLearning course, we engage our partners in extensive review cycles, fine-tuning the final product to align seamlessly with your vision.


Phase 3: Course Deployment in Your LMS or Website

Our skilled instructional designers work with your team to integrate the course materials into your Learning Management System (LMS) or Website. The outcome is an all-encompassing, turnkey learning solution from inception to launch, all expertly managed by the Workforce Strategy Group.


Commitment to Project Management Excellence

Our project management approach is comprehensive and dedicated. Our managers work in close tandem with our partners, providing regular updates and ensuring transparent communication throughout the project. Our project managers are the cornerstone of our success, fostering long-term relationships with our partners who trust us to deliver time and again.

We recognize the intricacies of developing specialized eLearning content for workforce development. Our goal is to create programs that surpass the expectations of industry partners, learners, and educational institutions. Trust us for a development process that is detailed, collaborative, and driven by results, all aimed at delivering high-quality, career-oriented training solutions.

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