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Collaborating at Work

We can help you create a single program or a comprehensive workforce strategy

A Dedicated
Team of Experts

The Workforce Strategy Group is a team of Beyond Campus workforce experts, strategists, program designers, instructional designers, videographers, and project managers. We aim to collaborate with community colleges, technical colleges, K-12 schools, universities, and industry leaders to develop comprehensive workforce development programs.

Empowering Education for Tomorrow's Workforce


We understand the complexities and challenges of constantly adapting to new industry demands and the strain it puts on resources and infrastructure. Our team designs programs in partnership with you, aiming to minimize the impact on existing structures and resources. Our aim is to increase capacity and improve standardization, while minimizing institutional costs.

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How can we help you succeed?

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Your Partner in Workforce Development

Our goal is to enhance your educational offerings, increase enrollments, and navigate the future of workforce development with confidence and expertise. By choosing Workforce Strategy Group as your program design partner, you can build a future that meets the evolving needs of both industry and learners.

We are dedicated to developing programs that not only provide essential career information but also engage and motivate learners to explore and pursue their career aspirations. Our online and hybrid learning designs are tailored to meet the evolving needs of both the job market and the learners, ensuring that we contribute meaningfully to the development of skilled professionals for the future.

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